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With roots deep in South Australia, Eckermann Conveyancers has the expertise and the team to handle simple and complex settlements, partnership agreements, and conveyancing matters.

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Property Settlements

From buying your first home to registration on titles, and from property transfers to caveat transmissions, we have you covered.

Land Division

Land and community division remain attractive to investors due to the greater returns that can be extracted from an initial investment.

Business Services

From business settlements to business contracts, Eckermann Conveyancers can help you dot the Is and cross the Ts for your peace of mind.

Contract Preparation

Selling your home without a real estate agent? We can prepare private contracts and documents for you and your purchaser.

It’s Settled!

As South Australia’s largest conveyancing firm, you can trust us to settle your matters with confidence.

Property Settlement

Buying or selling property is arguably one of the largest and most exciting, yet potentially stressful transactions you will undertake. We’ll make sure the process is as smooth as possible.

Business Settlement

Business settlements have the tendency to be rather complex, involving Form 2s, staff entitlements, business name registration, etc. We handle them all with the back up of Eckermann Lawyers.

Property Transfers

When you need to transfer property as part of a marriage or defacto relationship, either beginning or dissolving one, we can help you prepare the necessary documentation.

Articles we share

Each month, Brad Eckermann and the team produce articles covering various aspects of conveyancing in relation to current events and/or to help you understand more about what various conveyancing terms mean. Read our latest conveyancing articles here.


How to or "explainer" articles


Conveyancing in the news

The Numbers

A conveyancer’s world is full of numbers and dollar amounts and contracts and dates, so here are some choice numbers from the Land Titles Office in South Australia to help visualise the current state of the real estate market, based on the latest available monthly figures for January 2018.

Property Transfers

Mortgages Lodged

Transfer Value $b

Plan Lodgements


What is conveyancing?

In legal terms, Conveyancing is the transfer of Real Property. It is where the rights, title and interest in land are transferred from one legal entity to another. Conveyancing encompasses many dealings.

What are some of the services you offer?
  • Transfers of land/property;
  • Private contracts;
  • Discharge of mortgages;
  • Private mortgages;
  • Change of name registration;
  • Transmission of deceased estates;
  • Matrimonial transfers;
  • Land and Community Divisions of property;
  • Transfer of farming property;
  • Transfer of water licences; as well as
  • Leases and transfers of businesses.
Who manages Eckermann Conveyancers?

Eckermann Conveyancers is a very family orientated company. At the helm are the Eckermann brothers, Brad, Hayden and Jarrod Eckermann. Eckermann Conveyancers is also guided by the Eckermann Group Advisory Board.

Here are some of the questions we receive at Eckermann Conveyancers about us and about conveyancing itself. If you navigate through our easy-to-follow menu, you will be able to find more information quickly.

However, this selection of Frequently Asked Questions should cover some of the more common questions we get asked. It is also helpful to note that if you search our site for your question, you are likely to find an article in which we have delved into more detail for you.

And, of course, you are also welcome to contact us at any of our offices in South Australia, directly.


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Despite my bank

Despite my bank creating significant difficulties leading up to settlement, Nicole was driven to ensuring that we were ready for settlement and remained patient and professional throughout.

Adam W

Will definitely be back

I work away and Ebony dealt with myself and my wife, very good and I will definitely use in the future.

Peter F

Friendly and competent

We appreciate Rebecca’s friendliness, competence and professional approach.

Sue G

Went all out

Carmella was fantastic. Really went all out to keep me informed. Most impressed by her.

Brad H

Couldn't be happier

I am a first time seller, and very unsure of the process. Melissa helped every step of the way, and felt very confident. Couldn’t be happier.

Judith S

Professional but friendly

Having never been through the process before I found Antonet very professional but friendly.

Julie H