Partners – The Eckermann Group

The Eckermann Group today consists of three businesses in addition to Eckermann Conveyancers; Eckermann Forms and Eckermann Lawyers are able to provide their specialised services in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Eckermann Forms

Eckermann Forms can provide you with greater peace of mind around the accuracy and efficiency of Form 1 documentation, Eckermann Forms was established to:

  • Relive the burden of Form 1 preparation and certification from Agents, allowing them to concentrate on what they do best, marketing properties and facilitating transactions; and
  • Provide additional comfort to Vendor’s that specialists were preparing the Form 1 documentation on their behalf, given the serious consequences that can result from a defective Form 1.

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Eckermann Lawyers

Eckermann Lawyers are able to give you access to timely, cost-effective legal advice as part of the Eckermann Group.

As our valued client, you can rest assured we have a highly qualified and experienced team of lawyers at our disposal should the need arise, complementing our already professional, experienced and highly qualified team of conveyancers.

Eckermann Lawyers specialise in the areas of:

  • Commercial Property and Leasing;
  • Infrastructure Projects;
  • Business Transactions;
  • Succession Planning, for individuals and businesses; and
  • Land Division.

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