Are you looking at dividing a block of land, but are not sure where to start?

Following are four easy steps to take in a Land/Community Division that will assist you in the process.

Step 1 – Check with Council

Prepare a simple plan of how you wish to divide the land and contact your local Council to check that it is in-line with their division requirements. The Council should be able to give you an idea if they are likely to approve the division or not before you proceed too far into the process.

Step 2 – Appoint a Surveyor

Your Surveyor will prepare the Development Application form and lodge it with the Development Assessment Commission (DAC) for approval. They will carry out all the necessary surveys to identify boundaries and easements and prepare a fully certified Land/Community Division Plan to lodge at the Lands Titles Office.

Step 3 – The Development Assessment Process

Your division application will be forwarded by your Surveyor to Council, SA Water and any other Government body which may need to be consulted for their approval. Your Surveyor will monitor the progress of the Application closely advise you when fees are to be paid or if any conditions of approval are advised. Once the DAC, Council and SA Water’s conditions (if any) are satisfied, the DAC will issue the final Land/Community Division Certificate of Approval to the Surveyor.

Step 4 – Conveyancing for Divisions

This is where we come in, if you have not already done so you will need to appoint a Conveyancer. Your Surveyor will forward the DAC approval along with a copy of the division plan to your Conveyancer who will prepare the necessary paperwork and arrange the relevant consents to have your Land/Community Division examined and deposited with the Lands Titles Office, this then finalises the transaction.

For more information on the above process please contact Teresa Henning, our division specialist on 8366 7900 or visit the Land Division link on our website.