With another spate of summer swimming weather ahead of us, I’m reminded how cloudy the water is around pool compliance when selling property.

According to an Advertiser report last month, six years after laws were introduced regulating pool and spa safety for houses being sold, Martin Cooper, president of the Association of Pool and Spa Safety Advisers, said he was still coming across properties that had been sold with pools wrongly labelled as compliant.

‘There are inspectors out there who don’t know what they are doing who are certifying pools that aren’t compliant,’ he said.

With fines of up to $15,000 at stake, it is worth refreshing a safe approach to this issue while we wait for new guidelines to settle.

Agents and vendors, listen to your conveyancers

If ever there is a reason to pay close attention to your choice of conveyancer, selling a home with a pool is one of them.

We know many real estate agents are up to their necks in complexities when advising clients selling properties with swimming pools.

If you’re listing a home with a pool, make sure you read and get your agent to read our article from last July, 4 ways to sink or swim when selling a house with a swimming pool in South Australia.

In this article we lay out four main scenarios you might be facing and suggest prudent courses of action for each.

We also extend an offer to real estate agents to contact us for some clauses we have honed over the years that help cover this issue with clarity for all parties.

As with all things relating to pools, safety first is the prudent mindset.