Another of the most popular articles we have ever written is the one answering the question, how long does settlement take?

Back in 2014, we created an overview of the real estate settlement process, entitled, Why does the settlement process take so long? A conveyancer unlocks the mystery.

That information is still sought from our website every single day, so we thought we’d help make the information easier to digest with another of our conveyancing explainer videos.

How long does settlement take? A conveyancer explainer video from Eckermann Conveyancers

The long and short of it is that settlement is a complex process.

What compounds matters is that your conveyancer needs to get information from a number of third party sources and they do not always respond in a timely manner, which is why our system allows for sustained follow up and polite “badgering” of some of the key players.

It is worth noting that we even quote the Real Estate Institute of South Australia in the video, because they are eminently aware of the complexities and officially urge vendors and purchasers to hire licensed, properly qualified conveyancers every time real estate is bought and sold.

We hope this video makes this point succinctly.

Naturally, if you are approaching the sale or purchase of real estate in South Australia, we’d love to act as your conveyancer and help make the settlement process go smoothly for you.