Because buying property is not an everyday occurrence for most people, we do meet many people who are surprised they need a conveyancer, let alone understand what we charge for.

I know from experience that a good conveyancer not only dots Is and crosses Ts on the paperwork involved in transferring property from one party to another, but they know where common problems lurk and they are excellent troubleshooters.

The net result of using a professional conveyancer is that you get to move or take ownership on time with no crises.

Here is an overview of what we do behind the scenes for you.

Conveyancers wade deeply through paperwork on your behalf

Of course you would expect me to argue that conveyancers are vital, so here is what the Real Estate Institute of South Australia says:

The paperwork and processes involved in selling a property are extremely complex and REISA strongly recommends that you engage the services of a properly qualified, licensed conveyancer to undertake your conveyancing work following execution of a contract of sale.

While you can browse through a list of settlement tasks we carry out for you on our Property Settlement page, here are some you might not be aware of:

  • Check the cooling off provisions and property details in your Form 1 to ensure all is in order
  • Confirm that any existing mortgages have been paid off
  • Check caveats on the property and make sure they are lifted or advise you if you need one to protect your interests
  • Advise you on your new and immediate insurance responsibilities
  • Register the transaction with the Lands Title Office (I covered this recently in this article, Buying and selling real estate in South Australia: What is a Memorandum Of Transfer?
  • Apply for a reading of the water meter to calculate water used by the vendor
  • Give you an accurate summary of all settlement costs

When is the best time to engage a conveyancer?

Although you might expect me to say something like this, I do believe you can never strike up a relationship with a conveyancer too early.

At the beginning of your house hunting or investment planning process, be in touch with us so that we can be on call as your trusted advisors throughout your real estate investment journey.

In fact, we just updated our Conveyancing Information Pack. Follow that link if you’d like to download it as a PDF document.