Title insurance

Title Insurance can mitigate a number of risks associated with purchasing a property including (but not limited to) illegal building work, survey/boundary defects and outstanding rates and taxes.

Regardless of the age of the property, or the suburb where it sits, Title Insurance can provide buyers with protection against a number of unknown and hidden risks which may cause loss or affect ownership, and provides peace of mind when buying a property.

We’ve included further information below on different forms of title insurance available, dependent on property type. Please click on the relevant hyperlink to download the PDF.  If you have any further queries about title insurance, please contact us.

Types of Title Insurance provided by Stewart Title

Title Insurance – Home Buyers

Title Insurance – Rural

Title Insurance – Strata

Title Insurance – Vacant Land

These links to Stewart Title’s PDFs are intended to provide general information in regards to Title Insurance. There are a couple of Title Insurance providers, however we’ve chosen to provide links to Stewart Title’s information as they’re a Title Insurance provider we have worked with for quite some time and are happy to recommend to our clients.