Caveats and Private Mortgages

In real estate, a caveat warns prospective purchasers or mortgagees, who propose to deal in the land, that a third person (normally the person lodging the caveat at the Titles Office) has some right or interest in the land.

If you think you have a legal interest in a property but are not registered on the title, your conveyancer can advise you and arrange for the registration of a caveat on your behalf. There are certain requirements that you need to fulfill for this to be done which we can explain to you and prepare the necessary paperwork on your behalf.

Equally if you lend monies to a party specifically relating to real property and wish to register the interest against the property, we can advise and assist you with the necessary paperwork for a private mortgage or a caveat. This is designed to protect a private mortgage and in due course the discharge of the same once full payment has been made.

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