Eckermann Select Service

We created Eckermann Select Service after we heard from our clients that once they had found their new property and their conveyancer, it was the next steps and the administration required in moving into their new home that was overwhelming for them.

We decided to help out and with Eckermann Select Service our team will help ensure your move is a smooth one. We’ve been helping people get into their homes for more than 40 years so it’s a process we understand very well.

As a valued Eckermann Conveyancers client, you can take up as many of our services as you want within the Eckermann Select Service offering. We will arrange and manage these services on your behalf. You can also log into our Eckermann Select Service client portal at any time to see the progress of your service engagements and connections. Better still, when you next try and find all of this information, it will still be there for you in the portal – no more searching through emails and folders.

How does it work?

When you complete your Purchaser Documents you’ll receive a Letter of Instructions. It is there that you will see information about Eckermann Select Service. Once we have received your information our client service team will contact you to run through the list of services available to you as an Eckermann Conveyancers client. Easy.

Our client service team will be able to answer any questions you have – they’ll be doing all they can to ensure your move into your new home is stress-free