Eckermann Watch

Eckermann Watch is a subscription service offered by Eckermann Conveyancers to our purchaser clients. When you subscribe to this service, we will register your title on our account with Land Services SA. The purpose of doing so is to ensure that we are made aware of any dealings on your title as a safeguard against potential fraud.

We will also advise you annually of changes in the site and capital value of your property, and when there is a zoning change or a development application.

The notifications are provided to us in real time and can provide insight into:

  • Early indications of a sale or interest from a purchaser
  • Property rezoning activity
  • Potential development activity
  • Subdivision activity
  • Refinance activity

We believe that an Eckermann Watch subscription is key to ensuring the protection of your asset with our experts observing all dealing registrations over your title. You will be contacted immediately if any of these instances occur over your title and of the potential implications.

Your subscription will stay in place for a period of 5 years. Nearing the end of that 5 year term, Eckermanns will contact you to ask if you would like to extend the Eckermann Watch service for a further 5 years. If you opt to extend, we will continue our observation of your title.

It is possible to register other properties with us if you wish. Should you want to do so, please contact us at