Mandarin speaking Registered Conveyancer

Within our team, we have a bi-lingual Registered Conveyancer, Ming Gao who speaks fluent Mandarin to service the conveyancing needs of South Australia’s Chinese community.

Buying or selling property is a big decision and we understand you want to feel confident and comfortable. Ming is a Mandarin and English speaking Registered Conveyancer and she will work with you through every step of the conveyancing process to make sure nothing is missed, you are happy and at ease and the conveyancing process is as simple and stress-free as possible.

Please phone or email Ming to discuss your conveyancing needs.

Phone: 08 8235 3965

物业买卖是人生中的一个重大决定, 为了确保您在此过程中感到自信和自在,请联系明。 她是一位会说普通话和英语的注册过户师,她将与您一起讨论过户过程的每个步骤,以确保您不会错过任何事情,让您感到幸福和轻松并且确保过户过程是简单且无压力的。


电话: 08 8235 3965